A little while back we wrote about a cool Firefox extension called Snap Links that would let you draw a box around a bunch of hyperlinks with your mouse, and have them all open in new tabs. I loved this extension, but the sad news is that it hasn’t received an update in well over two years. As newer versions of Firefox were released it seemed as though the add-on would only sporadically work (at least for me), and so began the hunt for a comparable extension.

I went looking around to see if someone had created an updated version of this add-on, and I found several. Only one, Multi Links, was compatible with Firefox builds all the way up to the latest 3.7 nightly release… which was exactly what I wanted.

Once you’ve got Multi Links installed you’ll be able to draw boxes around hyperlinks and have them open up in new tabs:

multi links google.png

If you decide to dive into the settings you’ll find a wide array of options that help make the add-on even more useful. In particular under the “Actions” tab you’ll be able to choose what you want done with the links you draw a box around. You can have them opened in new tabs, copy the URL’s to the clipboard, add them to your bookmarks, or initiate downloads:

(Click thumbnail to enlarge)
Multi Links Preferences.jpg Multi Links Preferences-1.jpg Multi Links Preferences-2.jpg

These are the kind of Firefox extensions I like to see. They focus on being able to do one thing, and do it very well. The customizability puts Multi Links over-the-top and makes this a must-have add-on for me. I highly recommend checking it out.

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