bulk url opener.png

I’m sure every now and again you come across a site that has a long list of URL’s that you want to open, but none of them are hyperlinked. Or maybe someone sends you some sites to checkout in an email, but you can’t click on any of them. A great solution is URLOpener.com.

When you visit the website the first thing you’ll probably notice is the large textbox, and that’s where you want to paste in all of the URL’s you want to open. Just enter in one per line, and then go ahead and press submit. It will then spit out hyperlinked versions of all the URL’s, which can then all be opened in a single click. Alternatively you can open the sites one at a time by clicking on their respective names.

This is a really simple concept that can save you some time every now and again. What I would like to see them do is let the user specify a delimiter to be used (like a comma) instead of making the URL’s each have their own separate line. And also the ability to select (with checkboxes) which sites you want to open would be helpful.

I definitely think this is something worth having in your bookmarks… unless you already have a Firefox extension that does something similar.