Absolute Uninstaller

One of the best things about the Revo Uninstaller that we recently featured was that it removes the junk leftover by programs after uninstallation. It does a quick scan of your computer before and after you install the program to make sure the uninstaller took care of everything. Aside from that it also had several other features for managing your computer.

The other day I found another free app (for Windows 98 and up) that is similar in nature: Absolute Uninstaller. It’s goal is to remove software from your computer much like the classic Windows Add/Remove programs, but it goes a step further. It will check to make sure that the uninstaller takes care of everything that was in the uninstall log, and Absolute Uninstaller will delete the things that are left behind.

Here are some of the things that Absolute Uninstaller can do:

  • Detects and removes leftover files from the uninstaller
  • Remove programs in bulk by checking the box next to multiple items. Unfortunately it will still require input from you so you can’t walk away.
  • One-click removal of any entry
  • Points out which applications were recently installed
  • Show installed applications by name or by install date

And yes, this is completely free. In fact this is the first version of Absolute Uninstaller that doesn’t cost a dime. Previously you had to pay $29.95 to get this program, but now you only have to pay if you want to get their entire suite of utilities.

Absolute Uninstaller Homepage