pc decrapifier.png

When you purchase a new computer it will likely come preloaded with a bunch of apps you probably don’t want. That’s typically when you’ll come across the free PC Decrapifier program which can remove a lot of that junk, but what you might not realize is that it can bulk remove just about any app on your computer.

First off, one thing that’s nice is that PC Decrapifier is completely portable. There’s nothing you need to install to use it, which also makes it a handy tool to carry on a USB drive. Second, it has a simple interface that takes you step-by-step through the various options. After you use it you’ll quickly realize that its purpose in life is one thing: to remove programs.

Once you get it running the first few screens will make you think that the only thing it’s able to remove are the apps the utility is preconfigured to handle. That’s not actually true. It’s nice if PC Decrapifier is already set up to handle the removal of a particular app because that means it will make sure that all aspects of the program are successfully removed (files, registry keys, etc…), but it can be used beyond that.

When you get a little further into the wizard it will ask you if there are other programs on your computer that you’d like to “manually” remove (as seen in the screenshot above). You can check as many of them as you want, and when you continue on with PC Decrapifier it will run through the uninstallers back-to-back. Sure you still have to interact with some of the prompts, but generally this is way more convenient than going through and removing the programs one-by-one using the built-in Windows utility.

When I used this over Christmas for some netbooks that family members got it saved me both time and frustration. I was able to walk away from the computer and periodically stop back to hit a “continue” button. I wasn’t left constantly clicking to initiate the uninstallers, which was awesome. I know I’ll be going back to this app a lot more in the future.

PC Decrapifier (Windows only; Freeware)