Bulk rename move

We’ve covered a bunch of different applications that can be used to bulk rename files and folders, and normally they all have their own strong points. Bram is another one of those utilities, and like the others it has some features that set it apart from similar apps.

For starters Bram has a bunch of different modes available so that you can rename, copy and rename, move and rename, rename then copy, only move, only copy, or delete the files and folders. All of those different modes help ensure that the app is capable of doing exactly what you want it to. If you’re worried about the changes you are about to make to the files you can always have them copied so that the originals remain untouched, but Bram also includes an option to undo the last set of changes that were made to the files. It’s nice knowing a simple mistake won’t mess up all of your files.

Bram is also able to handle nested folders with ease, and you can tell it how deep it should traverse through the folders. If the files you are looking to rename are split up across a bunch of a directories this is a great tool to handle that.

Bram Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)