Business20Practice what you preach has never been more true as in this situation.  Business 2.0 which is a magazine published by Time, just had the unfortunate situation of losing their entire June issue due to a system crash.

In their very own magazine, Business 2.0 has written about the importance of backing up your important files, saying backups are like flossing– “everybody knows it’s important, but few devote enough thought or energy to it.”

So after their editorial system crashed containing their June issue and they realized that their backup server hadn’t been working, they were faced with the realization that their June issue was gone and it wasn’t coming back. 

Makes you wonder how long they’ve had a dysfunctional system for back-ups, doesn’t it? So lesson learned: Not only should you have a backup system, but perhaps multiple backups, off-site backups, whatever it takes. And once those back-up measures are in place, test them to make sure that they actually work. No one is immune to a hard drive failing, as we experienced a week ago.

Source: Slashdot