Back in April, Microsoft’s Surface Computer began appearing in select AT&T stores across the country but they still weren’t available to the general population. That apparently has changed. A “Microsoft Surface Order Form” is now available as well as “Marketing Guidelines” and nowhere in those documents does it say that the general population can’t buy one.

Below is a screenshot of the order form showing various prices for the unit and for service.

microsoft surface order.png

Notice that it will cost you a whopping $12,500 for the unit which you have a choice of metal, black, or white. Then if you want installation service, you can expect to pony-up an additional $1500. Shipping the unit is another $240 dollars! Not cheap!

To bring the “community” of Surface users together, Microsoft has put together a “Microsoft Surface Community Site” which is a “Comprehensive resource for the Microsoft Surface community.” We went to check it out but it requires an invitation. It’ll probably take quite a while before there is any type of community for people to interact with.

Who’s planning on putting their order in for Microsoft Surface?

[ via Windows Now]