When you see those cheap computers being advertised by Dell and Gateway, and you think “geeze, at that price I should buy that computer”, you might want to read the fine print. Dell and Gateway are starting to reduce the length of their warranties from the standard 1-year down to 90-days! Of course, the 1-year warranty is still available for you to buy but at an additional cost! I recently purchased a Dell desktop computer and it came with the standard 1-year warranty even though I was thinking I should get a longer one since I upgraded to the 24″ Flat Panel monitor. Well later on after my purchase I received a letter in the mail saying that I could upgrade to the 4-year warranty at a fraction of the cost (about 75% off after the mail in rebate). So I would recommend getting the 1-year warranty and holding out for a cheaper upgrade on the warranty if you are interested in it.

News Source: MSN