Dell Windows XP

The first result from the Dell IdeaStorm site has finally been implemented, but it doesn’t have to do with Linux. In fact, it has to do with another operating system…Windows XP. Just when you thought that Dell had completely phased Windows XP out they have now started to bring it back for consumers.

I remember checking out the Dell site shortly after Vista launched and noticed that they had switched everything over to Vista. A few weeks later they decided to bring back Windows XP for business users, but still had Vista as the only option for home users. As a result of the IdeaStorm site Windows XP has been added back onto the following computers:

When visiting those pages you’ll see a quick comparison chart (pictured above) between Windows Vista and XP…with Vista taking the cake. The systems all include Windows XP Home Edition with an optional upgrade to XP Professional for $149.

I am happy to see Dell listing to the feedback of their users, but they are definitely trying not to promote Windows XP. To choose from Windows XP systems you either need to use the direct links above, or on some of the Dell pages you’ll see a small link in the sidebar that says “Still looking for Windows XP?” that you can click. I thought that they could just add XP to the list of operating systems to choose from when customizing a computer, but apparently they didn’t want to do that? The only reason I know of why they did that is because they didn’t want someone inadvertently choosing XP just to find out later that their new computer didn’t come with the latest operating system.