Ebay Calculator

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a slew of great deals. I’m sure the thought will cross your mind whether you can pick up any items from the store, and resell on eBay to make a profit. If you do decide to go that route you definitely want to take into consideration all of the fees that both eBay and PayPal will collect when selling something, which is more than you may think. It’s always better to expect the unexpected.

That’s where the unofficial eBay Fee Calculator comes into play. With it you can specify just about everything related to listing an item on eBay, and it will pump out all of the PayPal, listing, and closing fees. It will also tell you how much you’ll end up profiting by selling the item, assuming that you provide the cost to acquire the item.

One of the other things that I thought was rather funny was that you can also entered in the desired net profit, and it will tell you how much you should charge in shipping to hit that magical number. After all, people love to up-charge the shipping cost to cover most of the associated fees. It’s also nice that calculating the eBay fees is done on-the-fly as you type numbers in, so tinkering with the values to hit your projected goal is rather easy.

Calculate eBay Fees