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With rising gas prices it’s becoming more and more important to determine how much gas it will take to complete an upcoming trip. With that information at hand you might be able to determine whether you should look for other forms of transportation to save some money, like taking the train or a bus.

A website called Cost To Drive is here to help with that. With it you put in your starting point, destination, and vehicle make/model… in return you’ll get details as to how much a one way trip would cost in your particular vehicle. If you won’t be able to complete the trip on one tank of gas it will estimate approximately where each of your stops will be, and approximately how much it will cost to fill up based upon the average gas prices in that area.

This is a really nice site that I will definitely be using in the future. One thing that I do want to point out is that their mileage ratings won’t be accurate for every vehicle, and so you may want to manually enter in the tank size and MPG. To do this select the Can’t find your car link on the homepage. It’d be nice if they let you adjust the mileage in other places, and also change the fuel type for people who don’t use Regular grade.

Visit Cost to Drive [via Download Squad]