caldav support.pngCalDAV support has come to Google Calendar, but it’s still a little rough around the edges. It is nice that it’s finally available though, so that iCal users can view and edit their Google Calendar events from iCal, and visa versa. It’s a two-way synchronization process that will keep all of your calendars up to date. This synchronization will occur at an interval that you specify. Any changes you make while offline to your iCal calendar will be saved and then updated in your Google Calendar once you get back online again.

If you want to add a bunch of calendars, it’s not as simple as just providing your username and password. There is a process that you’ll have to follow, as well as some known issues.

Clicking here will take you to the Google page with step-by-step instructions.


Google was kind enough to outline all of the known issues. As we mentioned, it’s not perfect so look through this list before you get started:

  • Event reminders/alarms don’t currently sync between Google Calendar and iCal. Event reminders will only function according to the calendar settings of the application in which they were originally created.
  • When an event is created or modified in iCal, Google Calendar email and SMS notifications are not distributed at this time.
  • You may see an error in iCal when changing the name or color of a calendar. Although the calendar name will revert back to the original name upon refresh, the color change will be saved.
  • This feature (iCal File > New To do) will either be unavailable for selection or you’ll receive an error when selected.
  • When trying to create a new (secondary) Google Calendar in iCal, you’ll receive an error message. Even though a calendar may appear, it will disappear after restarting iCal.