We’ve mentioned Calgoo here and there; first in August when their “First Draft” was released, and more recently in October when their “Second Draft” was released. It’s a desktop application for your Google Calendar. We were skeptical of Calgoo for privacy reasons that were outlined when we wrote about their first draft.  Since then it appears they have spent a considerable amount of time working on improving, and establishing themselves. Synchronization is a big key these days which appears why Calgoo is attempting to enter the desktop synchronization market. It interacts with your Google Calendar so that you can check your calendar on your computer as well as online.  This makes it simple to check from anywhere.

Three weeks ago, we got an email from them letting us know that their Third Draft has been released.  The big new feature with this release is that the new Calgoo will allow you to “collect, aggregate, view and share calendars from multiple sources, including websites, Google and Outlook. At last you will be able to manage all of your schedules in one place and Calgoo will be able to take the next big step forward.” If you’d like to download their latest version, click here. It appears they’ve put quite a bit of work into this next release. We’re still not completely satisfied with their user interface, so hopefully that will be something they focus on for their fourth draft.

 Calgoo may not be right for everyone, and if you’re an iPod user, you can take advantage of the built-in calendar without needing Outlook. One of our users pdedecker has put together an application called iPodCALsync (screenshot to the right) that you could use to synchronize your iPod with Google Calendar.  Of course, you wouldn’t be able to edit your calendar from your iPod, it would be “view-only.” It’s not 100% stable yet, but definitely worth the try. You can enter up to 5 calendars to be synchronized on your iPod. I’m sure pdedecker would appreciate feedback, so if you decide to download it, let him know what you think (or if you come across any errors)in our Forum for this topic. You can download iPodCAL sync here or here.