It has been awhile since I have checked on Calgoo and just yesterday they released a Second Draft. I have been using Google Calendar so intensely that I decided to give it a fair shot. Back in August when Calgoo was released I was very skeptical because of privacy reasons but they seem to be doing a good job of establishing themselves.

I downloaded and got it installed in Windows Vista without any problems. After starting it up I was prompted to go through their wizard that asked for your Calgoo account information and Google Calendar login. I was still a little reluctant but I gave in anyway.

After finishing the wizard I was prompted with the application pictured above. Now the whole point of Calgoo is to take your Google Calendar offline…which was a large selling point for me. The calendar itself (the section in the middle of the screenshot) handles much like the online version of Google Calendar where you can drag events around to different time slots and such.

Overall the interface felt very choppy though. When you try to resize the window or sidebars things start to become nearly unusable. Not only that but I never thought about what a pain it would be to synchronize the calendars. There is a button located in the upper-right corner of the screen that you are supposed to press when you want the offline calendar to synchronize. Shouldn’t this be an automatic thing?

In my opinion Calgoo seems to take away a lot of what makes Google Calendar easy to use. Most people could probably sit down in front of the Google Calendar for the first time and figure out how to use all of the features in just minutes. With Calgoo, however, I found myself consciously thinking about everything I was doing. Calgoo is still in the very early stages and hopefully they get more and more things worked out as time goes by, but for right now I will be sticking with the online version of Google Calendar.

Note: You must have an account with Calgoo in order to use/download the program.

For those of you that are still interested in this release here is what’s new:

  • Recurring appointments – you can now receive, create and manage recurring appointments within Calgoo.
  • Proxy settings – Calgoo is now able to run behind a proxy, provided your proxy server allows communication over HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You will need to specify your proxy server’s hostname and port number. In some cases you will also need to enter a username and password.
  • Google Apps for Your Domain – Calgoo now offers full support for what used to be called Google Hosted Apps. Calgoo can sync with your Google Calendar regardless of whether your calendar was created in Google Calendar or as a Hosted Google Calendar.
  • Revamped calendar displays – as part of our ongoing interface improvements, we have upgraded the look and feel of the calendar displays. Day, week and month views now have a sleeker and more consistent look.
  • Drag and Drop of appointments – you can now move appointments by simply dragging them to a new time. This feature is available in day, week or month views.
  • Altering of appointments – you can now change the duration of appointments by dragging the start or finish times directly in the appointment box. This feature is available in day, week or month views.
  • Google Notifications – changes you make in Calgoo now trigger Google Notifications for the affected Google Calendar to keep attendees up to date. Configure your Notifications for email or SMS via your Google Calendar settings.
  • Tooltips on Appointments – available in all views, the time and summary from the appointment will display as a tooltip when the appointment is hovered over. This helps you stay in the current view and see details for shorter duration appointments where the summary is not visible.