Call Landline Phones In 60 Countries For Free With Gizmo Skype is known around the World as an easy way to communicate with your friends and family for free. Of course, it is normally only free if you are calling PC-to-PC but there are some deals that you will find with Skype. One of the most popular deals that they are offering is that you can call a landline phone anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for free if you use Skype which will last until the end of this year. They also started a new deal for July where each weekend they offer free calls to a different country: this weekend it is Mexico and next weekend it is Japan. So those deals are great and all but what if you could get free calls to landline phones in more than 60 countries? You can if you and your friends signup for Gizmo. The software reminds me very much like Skype but they have a slightly different deal going on. You can call landline phones in 60 countries if you are able to get your friends to register with Gizmo and enter their phone number in. Once you and your friend are both registered and have your phone numbers entered in you are able to call each other’s landline phones for free. Gizmo also has a small list of countries, that includes the United States and Canada, where you can also call mobile phones at no cost! So why would they be offering all of this for free? If they can get you and all of your friends to signup for an account think about how quickly they will grow. It is almost like an email system where if you send an email to 5 of your friends and they send it to 5 of their friends then a million people will get it in no time. I would say that is some smart marketing from the people at Gizmo.

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  1. So if I get a friend to register, then I will only be able to call his landline phone? Or if I register and get a friend to register then we’ll both be able to call any landline phone? Because this if it’s me calling my friend’s (who I got to register) landline phone then it’s very similar to Skype’s PC-to-PC, except landline-phone to landline-phone (just 2 phones). Know what I mean?

  2. If I got you to register then I could call your landline phone using my PC, therfore making it a PC-to-phone connection. Basically I could see it becoming popular because I could sign up my parents, who aren’t very tech savvy, and enter in all of their information. Once I have done that then I can use my PC to call their landline phone.

    Hope that helps.


  3. There is one big problem with the new users.
    We have to read the note in small letters:

    *No purchase necessary. The All Calls Free plan applies when both call participants are registered and ACTIVE Gizmo Project users. A person is considered ACTIVE when they are making phone calls with Gizmo Project on a regular basis. We reserve the right to limit call length…

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