Camino Web Browser 1.5

Camino 1.5, a Web browser for the Mac OS, was just released offering a slew of new features that will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of people. At the core of the browser lies the same rendering engine that Firefox 2 uses, which is good news because as the Firefox browser continues to gain in popularity the number of Firefox-compatible websites keeps increasing.

Here are some of the other things Camino 1.5 brings to the table:

  • In-line spell checking! This is Firefox 2’s most notable feature, but Camino does it a little differently. While it does check text fields for misspellings as you type, it actually uses the Mac OS X dictionary instead of providing an additional dictionary like Firefox does.
  • Session restore – just like Firefox, Camino will now offer to restore your tabs after a crash. It can also be set to automatically restore your tabs after you restart the browser.
  • Keychain compatibility – use the same Keychain entries for both Safari and Camino
  • Feed notifications – Camino recognizes when there is a feed available for a site, and if you want it will use the Mac OS X default feed reader to subscribe to it.
  • Single window mode – prevents sites from opening another window.
  • Improved pop-up blocker – blocks pop-ups and also has Flash blocking capabilities (with the option to whitelist a site).
  • Gecko rendering engine 1.8.1
  • Resizable search field
  • and more…

As I was reading around there were quite a few users reporting constant crashes with the newest version, but it seems to be attributed to the use of CamiScript and CamiTools. I’m guessing that’s because the tools are not supported add-ons for Camino 1.5, and have not been updated to work with the newest version of the browser. Actually, CamiTools isn’t even being developed anymore so they removed the download from their site.

Source: TUAW