CamStudio 2.5 Beta CamStudio is one of the best free screencast recorders available, and it just got a little bit better. The developer recently released CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1 and it includes several new features that users are surely going to love. I think my favorite things are being able to select a specific window to record and highlighting the mouse clicks:

  • Record region by window
  • Have CamStudio highlight left/right mouse clicks
  • Multi-language support for Recorder, SWF Producer, and Player
  • Record for a preset amount of time
  • Add a timestamp, caption, or watermark to the video
  • You can redirect a video viewer to another URL once the video has finished playing

Vista is not completely supported yet, but a workaround is available. I just tried it in Vista and didn’t have to use the workaround. Maybe it has something to do with me having Vista’s new Compatibility Pack installed?

While this is a pretty cool program there is still a small part of me that is partial to Jing. That’s the free screencast software TechSmith recently released, and it’s extremely easy to use yet offers all the features most people would need. If using any software seems like too much of a chore then checkout what the web-based has to offer.

CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1 Announcement & Download