Imagine you’ve got an idea so great, that you’re sure Google will fall in love with it.  You’re so confident that you hop on the next plane to California with your idea, and with with that in tow, you march right up to Google’s front door and cross all of your fingers and toes that you get a meeting.

That’s exactly what one guy, Aaron Stanton did just this week.  It reminds me so much of the man who said he had an idea that would revolutionize Dell, but he was only willing to tell the idea to Michael Dell himself. He documented his quest, but never disclosed in detail what his idea was.

Anyhow, back to Aaron Stanton. He set up a website called “” to document his entire journey, and since it began, he continues to get more publicity.  Part of the catch is that he’s so confident, yet no one knows what his great idea is. He even mentions that his great idea is plaguing people, and that’s why people are paying attention, and he’s right. The mystery is driving me crazy.

On Monday, he proudly marched over to the Googleplex, only to find out that there’s an entire process involved (hello, it’s Google we’re talking about). He’d have to submit his idea online via a form on their website and hope that human eyes would read it, and pass it along.

Long story short, he got an email from Google with the heading “We can hear you :),” and a meeting was set up for last Wednesday (the 14th). He went and did his thing over at Google, and from the sounds of it, he didn’t have much time to impress. Being short on time, he flew through his presentation hoping that someone would catch on to his idea.

He must have gotten his idea through because he was asked to put together a summary for all the busy people at Google to look over. As of yesterday, he was finishing up his summary and today it will be presented to important people at Google.

People are cheering him on like crazy, and he says he’s getting about 10 emails per minute from well-wishers. Whatever his idea is, whether it’s the next greatest thing or not, he’s done a great job of sucking people into his journey with daily updates, and a video diary.

This is definitely one determined guy on a mission that so many people can relate to.  He had an idea, a dream, and he’s following it. Good Luck Aaron!

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