A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a guy on one serious adventure, and his website where he was documenting his journey.  Cangooglehearme.com definitely caught my attention, and ever since then, I’ve gone back occasionally to get the latest scoop, and to see if he revealed his big idea yet.

Aaron has inspired thousands of people with his passion, and has attracted attention around the globe.  You can assume that Google liked his idea because he’s been mute about the idea ever since his meeting with them.  He’s left everybody wondering what it might be, including me.

Today I came across Garett’s Rogers’ blog over at ZDNet, and he’s actually done a little digging and came up with a possible idea. First, he noticed that Aaron registered a new domain – googleheardme.com That’s a big clue right there.

Digging further, Garett came across his personal website where he talks about his passion for writing, and from his site, he links to a project he began a while ago called thenovelproject.com. Recently he replaced the original site with a temporary site, but Garett found the archives where it says this:

“a powerful tool for writers. By analyzing published novels and breaking them down into detailed statistics, then graphing those statistics scene-by-scene, we allow authors to better understand their craft in a way never before possible. You already know to start your book with a high interest scene, but do you know what to do with the scenes after that?”

On March 12th, Aaron is planning to make a big announcement, hopefully announcing what the idea is. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s somehow related to his novel project site.  Garrett over at ZDNet mentions that perhaps his idea would “make it possible to search “concepts” rather than simply “content.” Not a bad thought.

And even with that, I’m still not satisfied. The suspense is killin’ me :)