Can You Resist The Urge To Click

Can you resist the urge to click? I’m sure you’re thinking you can, no problem, right? How accustomed are we to clicking to get what we want? After playing around with I’m pretty convinced that I’m pre-programmed to click. Try it out for yourself‘. On the website, they question how hard it is for us to break our habits. Ever since the mouse has become standard when purchasing computers, we’ve become used to a user interface that simply requires clicking. Alright, so it wasn’t that hard not to click, but the urge is definitely there. Here are some interesting stats. Of 1,393,709 visits to the site, there have been 818,224 clicks; some accidental, others intentional. Out of the users that have been polled, ‘Do You Miss The Click?’ 377,872 said no, they don’t miss it and 228761 said yes, they do in fact miss it. While this site may not have a whole lot of practical application, it is just an experiment and nontheless interesting to test out. Do you miss the click?