Canova’s Dual Touch Screen Laptop definitely looks slick! The dual display with two touch-sensitive screens is a different, unique approach to the traditional Tablet PC that’s been around for several years. Having owned a Tablet-PC for about a year, I realized that the tablet aspect of it really wasn’t as useful as I thought it would be for my purposes. The reason being that I mainly use a computer for web-browsing and word-processing. As slick as this Canova Dual Touch Screen looks, I think it’s more for creative purposes.

When I say creative, I mean for the drawing, image editing kinds of things that would be perfect for a tablet PC.  Besides coming with the two touch-sensitive screens, it also appropriately comes with Sketch pad, Music Score, graph paper, and an electronic pen. If you read the newspaper online, this computer would be perfect for that task.  Even sorting through your feeds would probably be a great experience with the dual screens.

While it looks and sounds cool, it’s not something that would be practical for the typical, everyday computer user.Currently it’s only sold in Italy and Australia so chances are you won’t be getting your hands on one for a while, but it doesn’t hurt to look:


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Source: Born Rich