Flickr Time

This is one of the more unique Flickr websites that I have found. Flickr Time lets you enter in a few tags and it will retrieve images from Flickr. Nothing special, right? It will actually take those images and assemble the current time with thumbnails. I know, it still doesn’t sound cool…but you haven’t tried it.

What really makes this impressive are all of the animations that are going on. There is a large analog background clock that shows you the current time and the seconds hand is always moving around. The digital clock will start to change about 5-seconds before the next minute and it will finish about 5-seconds after it.

The first thing that popped into my head was “where’s the screensaver” because this would be an awesome screensaver! Unfortunately it would eat up quite a bit of bandwidth since it retrieves around 80 photos every minute but I’m sure you’re friends at work would think it is awesome.