One of the largest complaints among Apple TV fans and critics alike is that there has been no way to access other video content on the web.  Only media from a users iTunes library is available.

That’s about to change around mid-June when users will be able to have access to YouTube.  From my observations around the web this morning, people seem to be excited about this move.  However, the first thought that I had was YouTube? On a big widescreen TV? I’m just not sure how that’s going to look.  The quality is mediocre at best while viewing it on my computer, so I am a bit concerned about how this will look on a high definition television.

The availability of the YouTube videos on Apple TV will come as a free software update, and once the update has been installed, YouTube will appear on Apple TV’s main menu. Much like how YouTube handled videos on mobile phones, not every video will be available.  Apple says that thousands of the most current and popular videos will be available right away, and then they’ll be adding more in the future up until the entire catalog of videos is available.

So again, it’s great that Apple is opening up their doors a bit to other content, but I’d be skeptical about the quality and if it will even be worth watching a YouTube video on a TV.

Other big news is that Apple will be offering a build-to-order option for the Apple TV.  This new option includes a 160 GB hard drive which is considerably larger than what was previously available, and will be priced at $399.

Source: Associated Press [via Yahoo News]
Thanks for the tip Cory!