CBScorpCBS has just taken the steps necessary to become the most widely distributed professional content provider on the web by forming the CBS Interactive Audience Networks. It includes deals with big media outlets like AOL, Microsoft, CNET Networks, Comcast, Joost, Bebo, Brightcove, Netvibes, Sling Media, and Veoh.

Shows like CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, “Fat Actress,” Late Show with David Letterman, Survivor, and others will be available in the United States with select clips and sports programming to be distributed to a Worldwide audience.  The content will be ad supported and free to viewers, and the earned revenue will be shared between CBS and their partners.

It’s nice to see CBS making their content available to a larger, broader audience with multiple platforms.  They already have agreements with iTunes and YouTube which gives them more outlet options than any other professional content provider.

People continue to turn to sources other than the standard television to watch quality content. Agreements like this make it easy and legal for people to watch their favorite content in a way that’s more convenient for them.It’s clear that CBS realizes the importance of alternate distribution methods because they’re taking every opportunity possible to make their content available through a variety of media outlets. They’ve set the stage, and I’m sure other professional content providers will be soon to follow.