CCleaner 2.0

I don’t think there is any doubt that CCleaner is among my favorite applications, and it looks like it is going to stay that way. Thanks to this tiny program I, along with several of our forum members, have been able to clear up gigabytes of files that are no longer needed…thereby reclaiming valuable hard drive space.

Just today CCleaner 2.0 Beta was announced with several new features. The feature that I’m excited about the most is the exclusion list, which lets you select files and/or registry keys to be ignored by the application. This is a big deal because there are some things that shouldn’t be removed, and doing so could render an application unusable.

Tip: When going through the installation process there is an option (selected by default) to install the Yahoo! Toolbar. Make sure you uncheck that box if you don’t want an additional toolbar to appear in your browser.

Here’s a full list of all the new features, as well as a screenshot of the exclusion list in action:

  • Complete rebuild in C++ – With the requirements for a portable version, 64-bit compatibility and Windows Vista increasing against the limitations of the old architecture. We decided to rebuild the entire CCleaner application in highly optimized C++.
  • Faster analyzing and cleaning – Each scanning process was rewritten from scratch and fully optimized. The result being a noticeable speed increase in all areas.
  • Portable – CCleaner can now run from a USB thumbdrive and be installed/run on a computer without a complicated setup process.
  • Compact – The rewrite removed all external file dependencies, so the main EXE is now half the size of the original program and support files.
  • CCleaner 2.0 ExlusionExclusions – It is now possible to specify files, folders and registry keys to ignore from the cleaning process.
  • Redesigned User Interface – The original CCleaner user interface was looking a little dated, so the GUI was redesigned with a modern look, but without sacrificing speed or usability. New icons were created for the interface and the main program icon was updated with a more modern style.
  • Loads of little tweaks – Too numerous to mention them all separately, we’ve tried to improve CCleaner in all areas.

Download CCleaner 2.0 Beta