One piece of softare that I had never tried to install on Windows Vista before was CCleaner (Download Mirror). There was no mention of whether it was compatible with Vista, and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to take the risk of trying it out. After all, this program does cleanup both your registry and touches a little on system files…both of which could really mess things up if not done properly.

I just went back to to the CCleaner homepage and noticed that their latest update about 10 days ago added Vista compatibility. That was exactly what I wanted to see because I felt like my computer needed a good cleaning.

After downloading and installing it, I went ahead and ran it. Before it could even start,

‘’?” it requested administrative rights in the forum of a User Account Control (UAC) prompt which is perfectly understandable. This program does mess with things that it should not normally have access to so I figured it would need those permissions to do its job.

Then I had it clean almost everything up, including my registry, and in the end it recovered almost 475MB of precious hard drive space for me. That is awesome considering my Recycle Bin was emptied immediately before running the program so none of that was erased.

If you’re running Vista, I am here to say that CCleaner works great on it! I hadn’t checked my startup programs in quite some time, and using CCleaner’s built-in manager for the startup programs I was able to eliminate some of the things I didn’t really need. The result of using CCleaner is not only more hard drive space, but now my computer even starts up quicker!

CCleaner Homepage (Download Mirror)