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There might be a time that comes where you want to edit some file or folder attributes that Windows doesn’t natively let you change. Things like the date a file was created, modified, and accessed are normally out of your control, but with the free Attribute Changer you can change many of those properties in just a few clicks.

Once installed you need to start by selecting a file, multiple files, or an entire folder. Then right-click on the item(s), and in the context menu that appears you should see a menu entry labeled Attribute Changer. Clicking that option should result in the window that you see in the screenshot above.

If you’re using the tool to change the dates and times there are a lot of options you can pick from. You can have it modify when the file was created, modified, accessed, and for photos you can update the date/time the photo was taken. You can also have it use relative times to change the attributes, which means you can quickly account for photos that were taken using a camera that didn’t have the correct time set. Just specify the offset for the photos, and it will correct all of the images in one swoop.

Naturally when you’re making changes to the file attributes in bulk like this you could get a little nervous that it might not do what you expected. If you’re worried just check the Simulation mode option in the lower-left corner of the window, and apply the changes. It will present you with a screen showing all of the files and folders that will get updated along with what will be changed. It’s a little reassurance that I’m glad the developer added.

Attribute Changer Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)

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  1. Cyber-criminals and flim-flam artists will love this!

  2. Oh! I forgot Wall Street and Washington!

  3. Whatever happened to simply COPYING one date-stamp to the other? Or is this beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Windows programmers?

    Honestly, after the brain-fart of Mr Gates’ re-definition of a “creation date,” it would’ve been better for all concerned if M$ simply got rid of “Creation Date/Created Date” altogether. But we’re not likely to see that, I know. This is the company that, until somewhat recently, had their operating system label just about every item a user encountered an “archive.”

    While we have what we have, why do the authors of these little utilities insist that the user enter EVERY SINGLE NUMBER to which they want changes made? A more courteous (and convenient) feature would be a pull down menu with “Same as Creation Date” or “Same as Modification Date. It’s possible (via small, often free utilities not unlike this one) in both legacy and more-recent “flavors” of Mac OS. And as it looks like M$ is finally getting round to using the source code they bought (as a condition imposed on Apple for a bailout years ago), it’s likely that it’s already possible in Windows, also.

    So let’s look into it, peeps!


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