Windows 7 home basic color

Windows 7 Home Basic users are restricted from doing a lot of things… including changing the color of the primary theme. This is feature that Microsoft chose to leave out in hopes of getting people to upgrade to a more expensive version of Windows 7. Since most netbooks these days ship with Windows 7 Home Basic it should come as no surprise that developers came up with their own way to manage the color of the theme.

The application you’ll need is called AeroTuner, and it is a free download. Keep in mind that the screenshot above shows that AeroTuner is capable of adjusting the blur along with a few other things. That’s because this tool is designed to work on other versions of Windows 7 where Aero is enabled, which isn’t the case for Windows 7 Home Basic users. The good news is that you can still use it to adjust the Main Color, Color Balance, and Aero Stripes.

When using AeroTuner you should see the changes getting applied in realtime as you adjust the color settings, which makes it really easy to tweak the color to perfection.

Note: The file will likely fail to download if you are viewing a translation of the download page, which is in Russian. Just look for the red “Download” text and click the link next to it.

AeroTuner Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)