Change the windows logon screen image

Do you feel like you need to change things up a bit on your Windows machine? The free Logon Screen Rotator is able to give your logon screen a fresh new look each time your computer starts up. That way the next time you go to login you’ll be surprised with the background that is there to greet you.

I’ve seen applications in the past that are able to change the Windows logon screen background, but I think this one is pretty clever by offering to update the background as often as the user wants. It has options to change the background once a day, after each logon, or after each time you lock the computer. All you have to do is point it to a bunch of folders containing your images and it will randomly pull photos to display on the logon screen.

I’ve found the app to be pretty fun when it’s pointed to directories containing photos of mine that are on the older end of my digital photo collection. That way when I see them they tend to jog some memories for things I’ve long since forgotten. You can obviously do a similar thing with your desktop backgrounds, but for me it works out better on the logon screen because you’re sure to see each image. When you rotate through desktop backgrounds you might miss some of them if you have a fullscreen window.

Logon Screen Rotator Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)