Chat With Users On Your Web Site Using MeeboMe

Meebo just launched a new service called MeeboMe which lets you put a chat widget on your Web site. Users will then be able to see when the publisher is online and chat with them directly. This only allows one-on-one conversations at this point but could be expanded to group chats in the future. The weirdest thing about MeeboMe is that the visitor doesn’t have to be the one that initiates the conversation. A publisher can also ping a visitor and start chatting but that would be pretty weird for the visitor. If I didn’t know about the MeeboMe service then I would be a little freaked out and wonder how someone has started a chat with me. Well, being the geek that I am I would probably try and figure out how they did it first :D . I remember seeing a WordPress plug-in that does something similar to this by adding a “shout box” to your blog. The bad part about using a plug-in is that you are eating up your own bandwidth. Using MeeboMe not only means you save money on bandwidth but they take care of all the development costs. I am sure they will continue to add new features to it that will make it even better…and it won’t cost you anything! News Source: TechCrunch