Sony MSX-M2GN 2GB Memory Stick Duo

I recently received the Sony DSC-T5 Digital Camera. Of course, with any digital camera you need a good sized memory card. I decided to opt for the 2GB memory stick duo from Sony, but not the normal speed one, I got the High Speed! Now, if you order the card from Sony directly, it can run you $449 for this, and doing a Froogle search you can find it for around $250. This was still a little high for compared to what I wanted to pay, so after doing some shopping I decided to pay eBay a visit. That is where I found the best deals on this 2GB card…just $135 and it wasn’t coming from Hong Kong, it shipped from America. It is, however, still a Japanese memory card (all the writing on the whole package is in Japanese) but it does not function in my camera any differently than a normal memory card and also comes with the Memory Stick Adapter. So, I just want people know that there are other options out there other than the overpriced stores online.

Check For Yourself On eBay!