Would you like to know what the weather is going to be like for your area? You could always use a gadget on your desktop to give you a generalized forecast, watch the weather on TV, or you could use Weather.com and get real-time weather for your street!

Weather.com has partnered with Microsoft to bring you real-time weather.  Using Microsoft’s Visual Earth, you can zoom right into your street to see exactly what it’s going to be like. You can also animate it to see what the weather pattern over a couple of hours.

Just like Google Maps, you can select a “road” view or a “satellite” view. I prefer the satellite view just because I like all of the detail. Keep in mind that they don’t have the satellite option for every location. They also have a transparent slider bar so that you can control the view of the weather, and make it as transparent or as bold as you’d like.


I decided to give it a try, so I looked for an area on the map where I saw some activity. The screeshot above shows what the Interactive Weather Map looks like.  Everything is color-coded, and the green represents rain.  It clearly shows where the rain is falling, and by clicking the animate button, it shows what the weather has been like over the last couple of hours.  I animated it, and I could see the rain move in, and out.

Weather.com says that maps are one of the most viewed areas on the website, so it makes sense that they take the time to add new technology to the maps to make theirs stand out over others.

Source: Download Squad