One of the biggest worries that people have with Vista is whether their hardware will properly work with the operating system. Microsoft now has a site available to inform you of hardware compatibility before you go making any upgrades to your existing computer or buying a new PC.

Vista Hardware Compatibility

The site is called Windows Quality Online Services but, like a few other Microsoft sites, it can only be used in Internet Explorer. Once there you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options depending on if you want a certified product or just one that is known to work with Vista.

You’ll also notice that there are two columns to pick from. The items in the left column will let you choose specific hardware devices, such as video cards, that you want to see if they are compatible. The right column is for entire computer systems, which can be further narrowed down on a manufacturer basis (such as Dell) once you proceed on to the next screen. One really great use for this is that you can quickly find which PC’s will support 64–bit versions of Vista.

Sometimes it is just better to take out the guess work. :)

View the Windows Quality Online Services Vista Hardware Compatibility List