A chicken themed game may not exactly sound like weekend entertainment, but before you look over it and move on to something else, give it a try.  The game is called Chicktionary and it’s fun (and addicting) for both adults and kids alike.  It’s part of The Live Search Club from Microsoft, and you can even earn prizes.

Chicktionary is all about seeing how many words you can create with a certain set of letters. From the Live Search Club website, it says “Chicktionary matches you against seven alphabet loving hens.  Choose from a roost full of letters and peck out as many words as possible.  The more you spell, the more words fill up the Chicktionary’s egg rack.  Hatch out enough words and you’ll move on the the next round.” The image below shows what the game looks like:


You’ll notice that the letters I had to work with included T,I,S,P,N,D, and E.  My job was to see how many three, four, five, six, and seven letter words I could create. Once I entered in a word correctly, a search is launched so that you can get a definition of the word.  See why this is great for kids? Even if the word you enter isn’t a real word, it’ll still perform a search.  If you decide that you’d like a hint, it’ll launch another search, with the search term being your clue.

So not only is this game fun, it’s also benefiting Microsoft by increasing the amount of Windows Live Searches they receive. In fact, Windows Live searches have jumped from 8.4% in May to 13.2% in June, likely due to Chicktionary. I was doing well with the three and four letter words, but coming up with five, six, and seven letter words got a little tricky! You can also click “shuffle” to move your set of letters around if you’d like to look at them from a different view.  All around, it’s a fun game if you have a few minutes to spare.

Thanks for the tip Old Man Death!

Play Chicktionary Here