It’s December, and with the holidays just around the corner it is time to spruce up your browser to help spread the Christmas cheer! What you need are some Christmas Firefox themes to get the ball rolling while you put up the decorations around the house. And we’ve got you covered in that department! ;)

Note: I couldn’t find any Christmas/holiday themes for Opera, so let me know if you see any!

–Tinseltown (Homepage)–

I’m just in awe at how well this Firefox holiday theme is designed. It looks really good, and is sure to get people in the holiday spirit when they see you using it. And the developer of the skin went to long lengths to skin many of the different areas in Firefox, including the Options and menus…

Tinseltown 1 
Tinseltown 2 Tinseltown 3 Tinseltown 4
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–X-Mas (Homepage)–

This theme is a bit more tame than the previous one, but it does include some animations. That’s one of the reasons that I put together this animated video so that you can see the animated background and icons:

Xmas 1

The only downside to this theme is that it isn’t as thoroughly skinned as the previous one (the Options screen is still rather bland).

So pick one of the themes, and start spreading the holiday cheer! Happy holidays to all of you from CyberNet!

[via Techie-Buzz]