Custom new tab page chrome

One of the things I’m pretty surprised about in Google Chrome is that they don’t let you set a custom new tab page. Instead the only way to change what you see when you open a new tab is to use an extension, and there are a bunch of extensions out there that try to provide a better new tab page than what Chrome ships with.

If you are looking to specify a custom URL to use for the new tab page then there is an extension for that as well. This particular extension will let you specify one or more URLs that you want opened when you click the new tab button. It even lets you use a blank page if, like me, you’d rather not see anything at all when you open up a new tab in Chrome.

I hate having to use extensions for such basic features like this when I feel like it should be something that is built-in to Chrome, but I’m just happy that someone at least made an extension that lets me set a blank new tab page.

Define Your Own New Tab Chrome Extension