Chrome bookmark menu

In Google Chrome there are only a few ways you can view your bookmarks. You can have them always displayed in a toolbar that appears below the navigation bar, or they can be displayed as a toolbar within the new tab page. I guess you can also type “chrome://bookmarks” in the address bar to pull up the Bookmark Manager, but I doubt you’d want to do that every time you wanted to open a bookmark.

If you don’t mind using a Chrome extension you can also access all of your bookmarks from a single icon. The extension I’m talking about is called Bookmarks Menu, which will display a menu containing both the bookmarks from the Bookmarks Bar as well as those that are tucked away in your Other Bookmarks.

The extension is also very customizable. You can pick and choose which bookmarks actually appear in the menu, fully customize the appearance including font size and color, change the action that it takes when you left/middle/right click on a bookmark, and more. It’s a worthwhile extension for anyone wanting a compact and always accessible way to view your bookmarks in Chrome.

Google Chrome Bookmarks Menu Extension