Website screenshot

There are a lot of screenshot extensions for Google Chrome, and many include excellent annotation capabilities. For some users all of those features might be overkill, and that is where Blipshot comes into play. This is a one-click screenshot utility that works exactly how you’d expect it to.

To use Blipshot all you have to do is click the camera icon in the Chrome toolbar. A screenshot will immediately be taken, and when it is done you will see something along the lines of what’s in the picture above. A thumbnail of the site you were viewing is set off to the right side in an overlay, and saving it to your computer is as easy as dragging the image on to your desktop (or into a folder), or right-clicking on the screenshot and using the Save Image as option. If you decide you don’t want the screenshot just click anywhere in the gray/dimmed part of the page (away from the snapped screenshot) and it will immediately get discarded.

The Blipshot Chrome extension is an great demonstration of how easy it can be to take a full-page screenshot of any website.

Blipshot Chrome Extension