Twitter extension for Chrome

If you use Twitter a lot you probably already have a repertoire of apps at your disposal for accessing and managing your tweets. Chrome users have another one that they can add to the list called Silver Bird, which simply installs as an extension in the browser.

I wouldn’t say that this is one of the prettiest extensions I’ve ever used, but when it comes to twitter clients I’d say that it’s nearly as full-featured as many of the desktop apps. You can even do things like hover over shortened URLs to see the real URL you’ll be taken to, and you can take advantage of the unified timeline that rolls up tweets across multiple timelines into one single view.

Here’s a longer list of things Silver Bird is capable of:

  • Check trending topics
  • Support for real time timeline updates
  • Expand the original tweet replies are referring to
  • Follow / Unfollow users by using the inline user actions menu
  • Browse tweets from a specific user directly inside the extension
  • Add and remove timeline tabs “on the fly” using the new right-click context menu
  • Create custom search queries that will update automatically
  • Preview image links by hovering them
  • See all your tweets in an unified timeline
  • Follow your timelines (including @mentions, lists, DMs and favorites) and navigate through your tweets
  • Compose, reply, RT, share, favorite and delete tweets
  • Create short URLs within the extension
  • Preview shortened URLs before clicking them
  • Track read / unread tweets
  • Notify user whenever new tweets arrive

This is definitely something that is worth taking a look at for all of the Twitter addicts out there. You’ll also find a large number of options you can configure to change the appearance and .

Silver Bird Chrome Extension