WebExI think Cisco’s acquisition of WebEx is probably one of the largest in history at a bank-busting $3.2 Billion! In terms of cost, that equates to a lot of steak dinners. Well, if a good steak dinner cost $20 and you lived to be 90 years old that would allow 4,870 people to eat a steak dinner every night of their lives! :)

Sorry, when I see big dollar signs like that I go crazy sometimes. I’ve read a few different articles regarding Cisco’s purchase and all of them have a very positive outlook. The consensus seems to be that acquiring WebEx will add a lot more value to the strong name that already represents Cisco.

In 2006, WebEx having 2,200 employees brought in a whopping $380 million with $50 million of that being profit. They have become so popular because it becomes increasingly harder to get large crowds together for a presentation. This way a company is able to share a PowerPoint presentation or even share their computer’s desktop with an audience that can be located around the globe.

People also associate the WebEx name with an easy way to communicate with people. You don’t have to be a genius to get it up and running and everything is easily installed through your web browser…which is convenient for both the presenter and the viewers.

Now this puts Cisco right in focus with Microsoft, who also offers a Live Meeting service so that groups of people can collaborate with each other over an Internet connection. Broadband Internet continues to become more and more popular so remote conferencing is indeed going to be a strong part of our future.

News Source: Cisco [via GigaOm, CNet, and Yahoo]