Clean Up Your Code With Code Melt

Web site programming can get frustrating at times and I notice that I start to write sloppy code when that happens. There are tools out there that will clean up your code (especially for those people creating a site in Microsoft Word…what a nightmare!) but many of them you have to fork out some money for. Code Melt is here to save the day because you won’t have to fork out a single penny and best of all is that it is completely Web based so there is no installation required. So what’s the downside? You know there has to be one. A subscription to the service is $22 per month but you can use it for free as long as you don’t mind a 30-second delay before showing you the results. If you have hundreds or thousands of files you need to do then you might find it useful to subscribe but it lacks PHP support so I don’t have much that it can do. It does work with HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Putting it through a couple test runs gave some pretty good results at things that need to be cleaned up. After all of your code has been analyzed, beaten up, and drug through the mud it will pump out the cleaned up file for you to use. One of the coolest things that it does is show you a whole list of everything it fixed.