ClickZap Have you ever thought to yourself that it should be possible to do a double right-click the same way that you can do a normal double click? No? Me neither, but it turns out that it can be pretty useful.

A tiny free app called ClickZap (does require installation) will let you choose from a variety of commands to assign to the double right-click. You can set it to:

  • Lock the computer
  • Logoff the computer
  • Shutdown the computer
  • Minimize active window
  • Minimize all windows
  • Close active window
  • Close all windows
  • Mute the sound

One of the options I was hoping that this would have is the ability to perform a middle-click, but it doesn’t. Guess I still have to use the AutoHotKey script that I made to simulate the middle-click action. I’ve actually decided to set ClickZap to close the active window which seems to be saving me quite a bit of time, and to my surprise I haven’t accidentally closed a window yet. :)

ClickZap Homepage
Source: Shell City