Clip webpage desktop widget

I’m sure we all have a handful of websites that we visit on a regular basis. A good example of that for most people is Facebook (although not for me since I don’t even have an account). You probably check for new wall postings or try to ensure that your precious farm is maintained to the extremely high standard you’ve set. Snippage is just the tool to help feed that website addiction.

Snippage is a free utility that is cross platform since it is powered by Adobe Air. Using its built-in browser you can navigate to and select portions of websites that can then be clipped to your desktop. The screenshot above shows a clip that I made of Engadget’s “top stories” section that generally serves as a good source of breaking tech news. You can see that once you’re done all of the window borders fade out to make the clip blend in well with your desktop.

There aren’t many configuration options available other than the refresh interval. You can have a clip refresh every 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours. For those of you wondering the links that you click on will open in your default browser, but you can set it to open within the clip. Having links open within the clip generally results in bad experience unless the size of your clip is large.

Snippage is pretty cool, but since this is really just taking a different form of a web browser you can expect the memory usage to be a bit high. In my testing I found the app to consume 45-60MB of memory for each clip I had running. As you can imagine that can quickly add up so I’d recommend using these sparingly.

Snippage Homepage (Windows/Mac/Linux – requires Adobe Air; Freeware)