CNET Readers Give Reaction to Google Spreadsheet

CNET recently polled their readers to find out what they are thinking about Google’s new web based spreadsheet program. There are mixed opinions all around with some readers ready to make a switch to Google’s application, and others wondering why Google decided this was a good project to pursue. Some are completely satisfied with Microsoft’s Excel and feel no need to use something different. Others see this as an opportunity to save money and switch to Google where their spreadsheet application is free (by invitation only)..

The fact that Google’s spreadsheet is free may be one of the few advantages. With very limited capabilities and a lack of features, it seems that Google has their work cut out for them if they want to prove capable of competing with Microsoft’s Excel.

One feature implemented into the Google spreadsheet that people are talking about is the collaboration feature. Users of this application are able to read and edit while participating in an “in document” chat. This feature would be great for group work, or spreadsheet documents that need to be shared with co-workers.

Only time will tell what will come of Google’s new web based spreadsheet. It will be interesting to see how people accept it, and whether or not people are willing to ditch their all familiar Microsoft Excel for Google.

News Source: CNET