CNET TV CNET has added a new element to their network, CNET TV.  It’s purpose is of course to broadcast news and product reviews.  With the way the popularity of internet videos is going, CNET has probably taken a step in the right direction – particularly because CNET’s chairman and chief executive has resigned and their outlook a bit unsure. With all of the hype and popularity over YouTube recently, it’s no wonder they wanted to get themselves involved in web TV.

I tried it out for a minutes at, and the streaming was great. I tuned in for Summer’s Top 5 Worst Technology which was actually worth watching. At number 5 was iTunes 7. I’m sure you could think of a few others that deserve to be on the list! Along with this announcement, they have also announced a partnership with Verizon.  CNET’s video’s will be distrubuted by Verizon with on-demand TV.It also has the capability for users to subscribe to particular channels through iTunes.