CNet has launched a new site, called Webware, that will cover a lot of online software to help make you more productive. It looks like they started posting to the site in April but they are just now officially announcing it. Looking through the long list of posts that they already have done I am surprised to see how many similarities there are between the new site and TechCrunch (who also focuses on Web 2.0).

While Webware is still new I think they can gain a lot of ground quickly by promoting themselves on their parent site CNet who receives millions of visitors each day. They currently have a link on the CNet homepage under “More Stories” but I don’t see any kind of permanent link located in their sidebar, which I am sure would really help.

It will be interesting to see how TechCrunch, with more than 136,000 feed readers, will perform against their new competition. There are also many other sites, such as GigaOM, who are also in Webware’s line of fire.

News Source: Digg