color scheme generator.png

One of the hardest things about doing design work is coming up with a color scheme, but sometimes you’re fortunate enough to start off with some sort of graphic like a logo. If that’s the case then you may want to consider using this color scheme generator. With it you can upload an image, and in return it will provide a list of the most-used colors.

I decided to give it a whirl by uploading the NASA logo you see above (no, you can’t point to an image on the web), and it performed a quick analysis on it. Then it spit out the top colors along the right side, which appear to be sorted with the most used colors at the top. Alternatively you can click anywhere on the photo and it will tell you the color code for that specific area, and that’s listed under the “Picked Color” section along the right side.

I know I’ve seen a tool like this before, but this one has a nice clean interface. Heck, you can even download the source code if you want to host it on your own site. Either way it’s a nice site to have on hand for when you need it.

Color Scheme Generator
Thanks to CoryC for the tip!