So against our wishes the Colts beat the Bears in the Super Bowl. :( The Bears started out with a big bang by returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown, but after that everything seemed to favor the Colts despite it constantly raining during the entire game.

This post isn’t about the sports though, it’s about the commercials! The Super Bowl is known for the tremendous prices to have your commercial shown during the game, (30 seconds costs millions of dollars) so you would expect the commercials to be extraordinary. I was a little disappointed this year with the quality, but there were a few that stood out.

iFilm actually has every Super Bowl commercial already posted and I thought I would post my favorite ones (in no particular order). After watching some of these let us know in the comments which ones you thought were the best…

GoDaddy’s marketing commercial featuring Digg’s Kevin Rose:


Blockbuster Mouse (this might be my favorite):


Doritos – Crash the Super Bowl:


CareerBuilder Office Jungle (1 of 3):


CareerBuilder Office Jungle (2 of 3):


CareerBuilder Office Jungle (3 of 3):


GM Robot:


FedEx – Don’t Judge: