Recently, Yahoo launched a new service called Pipes. It’s a pretty powerful tool that is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. I haven’t really taken the time to experience everything that it can do, but from others who have spent the time learning how to use it, the options are endless. 


People enjoy manipulating their feeds so that they work better for them. Customization is key, and recently I came across a service called FeedBlendr which gives you the customization aspect that you might want, but in a more simplified, cut and dry manner. It’s similar to Yahoo Pipes, yet different, and I found it to be helpful and easy to use.


FeedBlendr allows you to take all of your favorite feeds including RSS, Atom or RDF, and blend them into one. It works by pulling all of the individual entries from each feed, sorts them by date, and then blends them into one. I divide all of my feeds into folders like “Gadgets”, “Google”, etc. which means  I could easily create one blended feed that contains all of the individual feeds from one of those folders.

There are plenty of other ways that you could use the service. Read/Write Web points out a few:

  • Make your own radio or tv station by mixing together favorite podcasts or videos
  • Blend events from multiple Google calendars
  • Combine feeds from,, and to get an ‘all-about-you’ feed.

FeedBlendr is a useful tool with a lot to it, even for developers. Their blog has a lot of great information that will give you a further explanation and more ideas on what you can do with it.