ComcastlogoOn Tuesday, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts introduced the cable modem of the future.  The new modem will boast download speeds of 150 megabits per second!  To put this into perspective, we’ll compare it with today’s speeds using our recent poll.

How Fast is your Internet Connection” was the question we asked most recently.  In our poll, 25% of the voters have said that their connection speed is between 3,000 and 8,000 kb/s which is a pretty fast connection, and would place them towards the top of the chart for speeds.

Converted to Mb/s, those 25% would have a speed of around 3.0 Mb/s-8.0Mb/s. Keep in mind, the download speed capability of the future is 150 Mb/s! This is a substantial increase from what’s considered top speeds presently.

Verizon Wireless’s FiOS network which has become popular recently, currently has 50 Mb/s available, and their network is capable of offering 100 Mb/s. This means that Comcast’s new modem is still a good-sized leap ahead. While they mention the download speed, there was no word on the upload speed which would be nice to know as well.

As part of this presentation, Robert Stanzione from ARRIS Group showed just how well this modem can perform. He download a 30–second 300 megabyte TV commercial within a few seconds which would have taken a typical cable modem around 16 minutes to download.

He also downloaded 32 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 and Meriam-Webster’s dictionary in just under four minutes.  When you stop to think about how much information is jam-packed into those encyclopedia’s, it’s really impressive. A standard cable modem would have taken three hours and 12 minutes to complete the task!

I was excited when my cable Internet company recently upped my download speeds from 5 Mbps to 7 Mbps. I can’t even begin to comprehend 150 Mbps that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts says will be available in less than two years.

Source: Associated Press [via Yahoo]